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Seth Schien

Enuma Elish Takes place in Southern Iraq, between Tigris and Euphradies (Mesopotamia = between rivers – greek etymology); some of the earliest known civilizations are in rivers; they had large scale irrigation projects to bring water to field; King also Priests who celebrated new years by.. Myth functions as a religious ritual – the event takes place in real time but also in illo tempore (in that (famous) time – Latin) – you’re ordering the cosmos as well as renewing your cosmos; recreating what marduke did and asserting your own renewal as a king with the new year. Miscea Eliade – Cosmos and History: the Myth of the Eternal Return - You’re always renewing Historical, Political, Religious poem Tells the story of the universe and the origin of the rule of the universe by a particular god in a way that is also telling the story of the state of Babylon and how it is organized, just as marduk creates human beings as slaves; the king of Babylon had masses of slave labor – kings commanded laborers (build palaces and pyramids and irrigation projects basically any huge building project) Asiatic mode of production according to Marx – th Acadians – one of a series of cultures recorded by literature and litanies – and Sumirians 4 millennia 3100bce – Gilgamesh Babylonians are actually – though founded by nonAcadians – it grew more powerful in the course of the next few hundred years and turned out to be the major political and economic power – southern Mesopotamian became babalonia – PS Tower of Babel and Babylon were soo not the same – Sumerian remained a literary language long after Acadians conquered them M
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