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Computer Science
Bonnie Fox

CS169: Software Engineering October 16, 2013 Announcements ❏ Complete mid semester survey ❏ Sign up for face to face project meetings with GSI Version Control for the 2-Pizza Team: Merge Conflicts ❏ Git is vastly superior ❏ commit ID: use unique prefix (in this repo) ❏ HEAD: most recently committed version on current branch ❏ ORIG_HEAD: right after a merge, points to pre-merged version ❏ HEAD~n: nth previous commit Effective Branching ❏ creating a branch is cheap ❏ use anchto create aheckutto switch between branches ❏ branch histories are separate ❏ BRANCH PER FEATURE ❏ then if we decide against the feature - undo the merge! ❏ one feature should touch too many other parts anyway ❏ branches should be short lived or else they drift too much with master ❏ git rbasefor incremental merge ❏ git cerry­ickfor only specific commits ❏ pull request asks owner of the original repo to pull specific commits from a forked app (since you don’t have admin privileges to the original app) Fixing Bugs:
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