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Computer Science
Satish Rao

CS170: Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems Lecture 21 October 21, 2013 Lecturer: Satish Rao Scribe: Amy Boone 1 Set Cover input: items: B = f1;:::;ng sets: S ;:::;S ▯ B 1 n We want to find the fewest sets that will cover B. Algorithm: 1. Choose set S that has largest number of elements i 2. Remove elements in S fiom all other sets 3. Repeat 1 Property: set cover of size k (best solution) ) a set contaiksof the remaining elements. Analysis: ntelements remain at time t (after t sets) 1 an iteration t, covek ntremaining elements nt+1 ▯ n t n = (t ▯ )n 1 t 1 t k nt▯ (1 ▯ ) k ! 0hen do we stop? remember: (1 ▯ x) ▯ e ▯x so 1 t ▯ 1 t ▯ t nt▯ (1 ▯ ) k < (e k) n ▯ (e k )n ! t = k lnn No elements are uncovered? But it still runs in k lnn time instead of k time. 2 Dynamic Programming Dynamic programming: define a set of subproblems, order them so each subproblem can be solved using solutions to previous subproblems. Very similar to recursion. All can be seen as
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