CS61A Lecture 04: Higher-Order Functions

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Fibonacci Sequence def fib(n) """"For n >= 2 predecessor, current = 0 , 1 # First 2 Fib numbers k = 2 # Tracks which Fib # is current while k < n: predecessor, current = current, predecessor + current k = k + 1 return current def choose(total, selection): ways = 1 selected = 0 while selected < selection: selected = selected + 1 ways, total = ways * total // selected, total - 1 return ways Designing Functions Characteristics of Function: A function's domain is set of all inputs possibly take as argument A function's range is set of all output values it returns A function's behavior is relationship it creates between input & output Give each function exactly one job (DRY, Don't repeat yourself) Implement process just one, execute many times Define function generally Default Arguments (feature of Python) use only one argument by defining after ( price, sales_tax=0.09) after(5) Generalize Patterns with Argument Regular Geometric shape relate lengths and area Assert 3 > 2, ' math is broken today' Assert 2 > 3, 'I said 2 is bigger' Use assert to create error messages Order of functions don't matter Higher Order Functions Common structure among functions may be computational p
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