CS61A Lecture 17: Recursive Objects

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University of California - Berkeley
Computer Science
De Nero

Special Method Names in Python Certain names are special (or "magic") because have built-in behavior. Names start and end with two underscores __init__ Method invoked automatically when object constructed __len__ Method invoked by built-in len function s = (3, 4, 5) s.__len__() = 3 __getitem__ Method invoked for element selection: sequence[index] s = (3, 4, 5) s.__getitem__(2) = 5 __repr__ Method invoked to display object as string s = (3, 4, 5) print(s.__repr__()) = (3, 4, 5) Recursive List Class A tuple can contain another tuple as an element Pairs are sufficient to represent sequences of arbitrary length Recursive list representation of sequence 1, 2, 3, 4: Recursive lists are recursive: rest of list is a list Now, implement same behavior with class Rlist: Abstract data type (old): rlist(1, rlist(2, rlist(3, rlist(4, empty_rlist)))) Rlist class (new): Rlist(1, Rlist(2, Rlist(3, Rlist(4)) class Rlist: class EmptyList: def __len__(self): return 0 empty = EmptyList() def __init__(self, first, rest=empty): assert type(rest) is Rlist or rest is Rlist.empty self.first = first self.rest = rest def __getitem__(self, index): if index == 0: return self.first else: return self.rest[index-1] def __len__(self): return 1 + len(self.rest) def __repr__(self): return rlist_expression(self) How to print out Rlist: def rlist_expression(s): """Return a string that would evaluate to s.""" if s.rest is Rlist.empty: rest = '' else: rest = ', ' + rlist_expression(s.rest) return 'Rlist({0}{1})'.format(s.first, rest) Recursive List Processing Recursive list processing almost always involves recursive call on rest of list def extend_rlist(s1, s2): """Return a list containing the elements of s1 followed by those of s2. >>> extend_rlist(s.rest, s) Rlist(2, Rlist(3, Rlist(1, Rlist(2, Rlist(3)))))
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