COMPSCI 169 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Referential Integrity, Foreign Key, Representational State Transfer

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21 Oct 2013
CS169: Software Engineering
October 14, 2013
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Associations: Mechanics
models must have attribute for foreign key
ActiveRecord manages it, not you!
For one-to-many association:
Add has_many to owning model and belongs_to to owned model
Create migration to add foreign key to owned side that references owning side
Apply migration
rake db:test:prepare to regenerate test database schema
Through Associations
but what about multiple associations?
add multiple “has_many” and “belongs_to”
but how would we get all the movies reviewed by a moviegoer?
moviegoer: has_many:movies,:through=>:reviews
RESTful Routes for Associations
how to keep track of movie and moviegoer for each review?
need info at creation time
use nested RESTful routes:
resources:movies becomes resources:moviesdoresources
access reviews by going “through” a movie
DRYing Out Queries with Reusable Scopes
stack scopes which will be evaluated lazily
i.e. Movie.for_kids.with_good_reviews(3)
Associations: Wrap-Up
associations are part of application architecture
can manipulate RDBMS foreign keys
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