COMPSCI 169 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Ground Truth, User Story

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22 Oct 2013
CS169: Software Engineering
October 21, 2013
Midterm: your scanned answer sheet & rubric available in Pandagrader; come to OH to
discuss solutions
CodeClimate "GPA"
Midterm 2 vs. HW5a/5b
Iteration meetings
What Makes Code “Legacy”
Still meets customer need
You didn’t write it, it’s poorly documented (or you did and didn’t document it)
it lacks good tests
modifying legacy code:
edit and pray
cover and modify
how can agile help?
exploration: determine where you need to make changes (change points)
refactoring: is the code around change points tested/testable
add tests to improve coverage
make changes, using tests as truth
refactor further
Approaching and Exploring Legacy Code
copy all the code or create a scratch branch
learn the user stories: what they’re trying to solve
understand database schema
Class-Responsibility-Collaborator (CRC) cards
“Size up” the overall code base
Identify key classes and relationships
Identify most important data structures
Ideally, identify place(s) where change(s) will be needed
Keep design docs as you go
Establishing Ground Truth with Characterization Tests
establish ground truth about how the app works
pitfall: don’t try to make improvements now!
first step: integration level
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