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Lecture 19

ENGLISH 45C Lecture 19: 10/31 Langston Hughes

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Eric Falci

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for Faulkners Sound and the Fury next time first section narrated to us by someone wo clear sense of timeprogressionhistory he bounces from moment to moment; 45 major moments he keeps coming back to, and he doesnt signal when he switches fundamental source of difficulty character doesnt even really have language impossible narration why might Faulkner be narrating this way? last in our quartet of Am modernist poets: Langston Hughes Hughes was born in Missouri 1902; d.1967 one of most wellknown AfrAm poets in 20c, central figure in Harlem Renaissance culturalhistoricalpolitical context one major shift in postCivil War America geographical shift, the Great Migration 2 phases, early 1900s + midcentury characterized by movement primarily of AfrAms from rural South to northmidwest cities econpolit motivations: better econ opptunities + escape deeply racist culture Harlem Renaissance is part of much larger demographic shift in makeup of US at this time traveling not only of ppl, but cultural forms body of AfrAm folk music all travel north too Harlem Ren = primary American modernist site generally thought of as tw end of WWI and beginning of Grt Depression Jazz Age in Harlem in particular bc NY = central city to which many AfrAms migrated Harlem = middleupperclass section in mid19c; waves of white Eurs moved in > rents lowered > many AfrAms began to settle there multiple arts involved in many ways music = binding force of HR; notion of jazz concert as binding soc form not just a literary renaissance, like Irish Cultural Revival mainly was in addition to aesthetic renaissance, bigger project of improving
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