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Lecture 16

ENGLISH 45C Lecture 16: 10/19 Marianne Moore

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Eric Falci

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will spend next 3 classes on modernist American poetry Eliot was technically modernistAmerican, but strange figure was living in Engl, more interested in mind of Eur, becomes Br citizen; straddles canonical boundary one of things modern lit has to deal w is the relation between the self and a world thats so rapidly changing scale of something like WWI has never been seen; shift in all areas of existence w Einstein, Freud, etc. how do texts (can they?) incorporate these unimaginably massive shifts? Woolf: were separate people how can connections be made? her narrative might not be able to solve it, but tunnels around it w multisperspectivism whats the relation between poemworld? what do we imagine poemslit to be doing mimickingreflecting world, or transformational, adding something to the world? problem of the image no literal images, so what is imagery in lit? modernist art also understood as a breaking of traditional forms Ezra Pound: make it new! (ironically, quoting Confucius) but Eliot does this by returning over and over again to the past Marianne Moore takes up a lot of the same Qs as other modernists, but in a different way born in St. Louis, lived most of her life in NYC known for remarkably descriptv poems, fine detail; also for poems on animals her formal feature that gets the most attention is the way she writes in syllabics poems linesstanzas all given the same of syllables Fr poetry is generally syllabic; Br typically accentual syllabic Poetry we often think that the fundamental organizational unit of the poem is the line; lines often interact w sentences poems also very visual Moores pattern of inden
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