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Lecture 21

ENGLISH 45C Lecture 21: 11/7 Sound and the Fury #2

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Eric Falci

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were never allowed to see any character simply straightforward readerly attachment w Woolf and Joyce thru focalizations, free indirect discourse Faulkner forces us to be in the heads of these 3 brothers, nowhere else to go, no omniscientobjective 3rd person narration to read to locked inside subjectivities of unbelievably damaged characters how is Quentins section differently difficult than Benjys? expectation of disjunction vs not Quentins section is Jun 2 1910, day of suicide we begin the section with knowledge we shouldnt have, that hes dead Quentin cant be telling us this story; every narrative presumes a past after which it was written like in the Waste Land and Mrs Dalloway another character in fear of time, which is always breaking down Q wants to be in proximity toattached to time, but never wants to know what time it is is there a factory around here, bc he wants to know if itll whistle at noon super organized guy, very deliberate about actions cleans blood out of suit, prepares letters comparison w what happens w Benjy B: at any given moment, can slip back to past moment for Q, instead of slipping from moment to moment, past moments break in on him Benjys slips were undermotivated, caused from the outside; then B could narrate that moment for us w preternatural clarity, but couldnt organize it Q: in a way easier to organizehierarchize the whole section, bc theres only 23 moments he keeps going back to, quasitraumatic moments w Caddy (Qs so terrified of wedding invitation he wont open it, but so obsessed he has it memorized) calls the girl in th
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