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University of California - Berkeley
GEOG 130
Nicole C.List

GEOG 130 (6/27) Presentations Beer ● Usually associate processed with highly artificial ● Beer’s production, including boiling and fermenting, are considered natural processes ● Monk Brew ● Cultural history ○ US vs. Germany ○ Control of market by corporations (US > Germany) ○ Purity Law (4 ingredients) ■ Technology that benefits US businesses does not benefit German brands b/c no preservatives = do not last as long ○ Taste for local beer ● Dark vs. Light ○ Not linked to metabolic syndrome ● Microbreweries Beef ● Butchery to assembly line (mechanical process) ● Industrialization and commodification ● Selective breeding = alter cattle ○ Concentrated animal feeding operations ■ Auctioning off of cattle (500lb) ■ Sent to feed yards ● Four major meatpackers (83% of market) ○ Sets price ○ Small operators accept prices ● Zero tolerance is impossible ○ HACP (Hazard Analysis Control Points) ○ Tested by USDA, but e. coli in meat anyway ● What is in it? ○ Sheep have scarpy disease that can be passed on to cows as Cow Disease and then passed onto humans ○ Health of cows → health of humans ○ Arsenic in feed → carcinogens, cardiovascular diseases ● Spreading of diseases happens in the feed lots ○ Metabolic rift ○ Change in the cow’s own eating habits ■ Methane Gas ■ Waste management ● Manure tried to be sold off → Nitrogen, Ammonium gas ● Run-off and erosion ● Dead zones and biodiversity disruption Soymilk ● Chinese origin ● Health, vegetarian benefits = popularity ● Negative health effects if large quantity ● Production ○ Air pollution ○ Clearing fields ○ Growth of soybean consumption = increased used of oil ● Industrial consolidation ○ Monoculture of soy crops ○ Use of pesticides destroy health benefits of soybeans ○ Additives to further make the soymilk more healthy Hotdogs ● 1860’s European Immigrants w/ leftover meats ● Problems ○ Chicken ■ Overcrowding ■ De-beaking ○ Pork ■ Iron-maidens (cages) ○ Cattle ■ Feed lots ■ Castration ■ Employee working conditions (physical, mental) ● Environmental Problems ○ Refuse ends in the water ● Preparation ○ Traditionally ■ Cut ■ Spiced ■ Put into intestines ○ Kosher ■ Similar in nutrition ■ Contain nitrates (brain cancer, tumor) ○ If do
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