GEOG 164 Lecture 1: Lecture - 1_26 (Industrialization and Agricultural Collectivization)

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GEOG 164
Hsing You- Tien

Lecture Thursday, January 26, 2017 Indispensible role of the CCP that provides the leadership to give vision, logic, and strategy How did CCP mobilize peasants? Bitterness speaking meetings Sent cadres to villages to organize speak bitterness meetings o Talk about grievances and misery Great way to gather knowledgeinformation about social grievances Bitterness from young married women by their motherinlaws as well o Talk about it in group setting in public Rise in the collective class consciousness Encourage fearful peasants to challenge their landlords under the encouragement of mobilizing cadres o Start to see the Red Army as their allies o Materials taken away from landlords were distributed among the peasants Immediate visible material rewards for challenging those who had more than they did Different than their experiences with the NationalistsJapanese they didnt get any rewards back Red Army should seen as an enemy to mother in laws and landlords o A lot of conflicts were agendabased o Liberation of women being one of the very important agenda for the CCP helped to recruit a good size of women supportersfollowersparticipants Not just a political revolution, but also a social revolution o Changing the social structures as well as political agendas o Womens associations, womens federations staffed by young married women Provided labor, time became empowered Grassroots mobilization becomes positive and real through these kinds of grounded meetings o Explanation of the success of the Communist revolution Ingredients of a successful revolution o Poverty social tension o Exploitation o Hunger
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