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GEOG 164
Hsing You- Tien

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Lecture Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Urban China: Scale Urban population grew from 20 to 40 of national total from 1980 to 2002. Reached 54 by 2013 Urban population: 731 million by 2013, compared to the national total of the US 325 million by 2016 People living in the urbancities are about twice as many as the people living in the country side Urban China: Speed It took China 22 years to increase its urban population from 20 to 40 of the national total population o 40 important benchmark to understand the direction the country is transforming at o England: 120 years (during industrial revolution) o US: 40 years (1860s1900) o Japan: 30 years (19251955) Social impacts of urban expansion: demolition, relocation, and displacement Between 1990 and 2013, farmland conversion and inner city redevelopment have relocated about 200 million people, 17 of the national total Spatial expansion increasing expansion of ring roads (dynamic and rapidly changing landscape because of the speed of urban expansion) A type of physical change leading to social impact More and more social conflicts were provoked by land related conflicts o Farmers land being taken without proper compensation o Inner city residents whose houses were demolished, land taken without proper compensation o Many were forced (not voluntarily) to relocate to a place not of their own choice Its about the countryside that we are looking at when we talk about Chinas urban expansion 80 are built on former farmland Positives
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