GEOG 164 Lecture 6: Lecture - 2_23

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GEOG 164
Hsing You- Tien

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Socialist landmasters, SOEs, land users turned de factor landowners: Socialist welfare system being delivered through so=called danwei (work units) Municipal governments: Reform and decollectivization gives these local governments (rather than private entrepreneurs) lots of new property rights from state ownership to local government 80 of the total national revenues were in the hands of local governments unprecedented and unique worldwide level of resource control in the hand of local governments as a result of decentralization, not necessarily privatization, of the economy New financial structure as a result of decollectivization, as a result of the market reform rise of the local government and increase of local government financial autonomy Land has become of the most important new sources of local revenues in this new structure of financial sharing between the center and the local governments Film: Da Tong I dont know what to teach my sons to trust the law and the government to protect your rights or to give up your private rights completely Becoming a soldier is better than becoming a scholar the Mayor Geng just pointed his finger and the city walls built Use the power of policy government officers should set a good example by using policy administration Illegal is not protected by the law no property rights, on documents = illegal Poor, nonresidents
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