GEOG 164 Lecture 4: Lecture - 2_7

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GEOG 164
Hsing You- Tien

What is the connection between the revolution and the liberation of Chinese women? What kind of policies, political, and cultural discourses are shaping the fundamental question of womens liberation and gender equity? Are Chinese women liberated? What kind of Chinese women are we talking about? Attention paid to young, married women who are oppressed and treated like servants by their motherinlaws o Very little status, mistreated, often abused by motherinlaw and husbands As a result of tremendous work (talking to women, listening to their grievances, mobilizing them) o Womens federations, womens associations o Grassroots support forces on the frontline (Red Army) o Women hold up half of the sky Mao Social revolution as well as a political revolution During 50s and 60s western feminists believed that the sources of womens oppression came mainly from capitalistmarket system, not just landlords o Dont know landlords because they were an industrialized, urbanized society o As long as you have a class liberation, liberating labor from capitalists, women would be liberated as well o Womens exploitation originates from labor exploitation For western feminist observers looking at the future of Chinese women as a result of the revolution, they see Chinese women being liberated by socialist revolution and for them they think the socialist revolution is being organized and fought against capitalist and capitalism not landlords etc. o They were disillusioned by the 80s after the revolution because the women seemed to be joining the project of constructing the new socialist China o Womens participation rate in the job market in China at that time was among the highest in both global North and South Got paid, received benefits Entitled to job security and legal protection
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