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Claire Kramsh

Recap th1 What were the conditions of possibility of the Panopticon in the 19 century Disciplinary mechanisms prepared the ground for the development of Benthams Panopticon A Great Epidemics i Leprosy incurable and contagious individualoutsider exclusion from society confinement into a place outside the city of healthy members of state branding and exile ii Bubonic plague dealt with differently measuring and classifying people who had been infected of the disease and quarantining use surveillance and observation to make sure there was no mingling not excluding people outside the city but partitioning inside the city by very specific standards tried to eradicate these diseases through scientific rationality classification B Rise of a capitalistic economy as trade rapidly grew rise of tradesmenpeople interested in commerce wanted freedomfree taxes free circulation was in their interest to have social orderreinforced the ordering of multiplicity C Progress in technology D Scientific rationality way of progress was in fact the progress of reason rather than passion rationality was applied human beings led to the necessity of educating people through rational secular principles ALSO a way of understanding human nature how to keep the human world under control through differentiation and classification ended up creating hospitals schools etc lead to accretion of discipline and punishment 2 Jeremy Benthams Panopticon 1843 maximizing the usefulness of multiplicity o Panoptical total visibility o An architectural structure in which one
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