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Kanogo Tabitha

Period leading up to First World War – active resistance Giriama uprising - Mekatilili (nickname) – actual name ws Manyanzi wa Menza Active resistance among ppl who are considered stateless Giriama are part of the coastal part of Kenya (a bit to the interior) bc a 10 mile strip along coast of Kenya belonged to the sultan of Zanzibar. They were part of the Miji Kenda (9 different groups) – linguistically closely related, congregated around 45 cities called the Kaya. Mixed farmers and traders Mekatilili – “woman who was like a man” –didn’t fit into mold of precolonial society mold or the British Women are gentle, not confrontation, not in public at that time. Public participation is considered “male”. She is considered as “the woman who sat on men” – woman who subordinated men th Declared a freedom fighter oct 20, 2010. 20 of October in Kenya is celebrated as Hero’s day. Used to be called Kenyatta day Kenya independent in 1963 20 October historically important bc 20 october, 1952 – bc gov declared a state of emergency. Many Africans who were suspected in being involved in the guerilla liberation movement. Range of political leaders were elected – including Jomo Kenyatta. Kenyatta day was renamed to heroes day was acknowledgement that there was more than one hero. Women tend to fill political voids left by men at points of political process Women step in, save the day, and then usually disappear again Women combine power w/ own personal, unique traits In general, women in political spaces in pre col Africa – 3 diff scenarios – 1) centralized kingdoms (Islamic, other indigenous) – queens, queen mothers, other royal women who would hold public political offices; however, centralized kingdoms only 20% 2) Dual sex – polit – when one male hold this position, also equiv female hold office (not necessarily dealing w/ women’s issues) – seen more in east Africa – ie. Nigeria 3) Stateless/Acephalous – no one single, recognized power in whom political power is vested. Instead, council of elders and other personalities. Elders council, advisory. No openly recognized political power for women in stateless communities. However, certain
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