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HIST120AC LECTURE October 25, 2013 From Bonanza to Bust:Agrarian Dilemmas I. The Grange A. Economic & Social Origins 1. also called the Patrons of Husbandry (1867) 2. serves economic and social functions 3. complain about middlemen and bankers and such together 4. main problem: overproduction lowering cost a) production tripled between 1860 and 1867 B. Membership & Community Functions 1. you don’t have a lot of neighbors and don’t see them often 2. meetings = social opportunity C. Railroads, Grain Elevators & Granger Laws 1. start cooperative grain elevators then realize no one has time to take care of it II. California’s Wheat Bonanza A. Staple Commodity B. Building Industrial Infrastructure C. Scale & Mechanization D. Boom Goes Bust E. Transition to Specialty Crops III. Farmer’s Alliances A. Sharecropping & the South 1. Farmer’s Alliance against the Crop Lean system: states passed laws to make sure property owners and bankers get their money first; have to pay off the creditors first! B. Wheat & the West 1. wheat bonanza in California! 2. wheat takes off in the 1870s (started in the 1860s) 3. monoculture -- intensive development (a lot of investment in machinery and such) 4. 1890: 4 million bushels of wheat/year 5. 1880s - it ends from overproduction 6. techniques and machinery were exported from California C. Building a Bigger Tent IV. Populist Visions A. Overproduction B. Inefficiencies in the Railroad Network 1. Absolute versus Relational Space 2. Long-Haul versus Short-Haul C. Depressions & Monetary Policy 1. The Crime of 1873; or, the Demonetization of Silver a) decided to use the gold standard instead (deflationary policy) b) massive silver strikes - price drops c) silver is expansionary monetary policy -- good for those in debt d) rich people want the gold standard 2. Sherman Silver Purchase Act of 1890 (Repealed 1893) 3. Panic of 1893 & Attempts to Expand Constituencies a) depression - people want silver standard back D. Cooperatives & Sub-Treasuries 1. propose the
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