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HIST120AC LECTURE October 30, 2013 “Water is for fighting over”: Aridity, Irrigation & the Creation of a Hydraulic Society I. A Well-Watered Homestead Act? A. Newlands Reclamation Act (1902) 1. created the Bureau of Reclamation 2. culmination of water evangelism 3. Homestead Act + water projects 4. reengineering of the Colorado River (Salton Sea) 5. lot of contention over where to build dams! II. Urban Appetites A. Los Angeles vs. Owens Valley & Mono Lake 1. growth of automobiles and Hollywood → people move to LA but not central 2. William Mulholland becomes director of the water system efforts 3. build aqueduct from Owens River to San Fernando Valley 4. threatened the eco system of Mono Lake a) University of California sues Los Angeles (1) UC wins!! (2) this is a big deal for rationing laws and environmental conservation B. San Francisco vs. Hetch Hetchy Valley III. The Salton Sea IV. The Colorado River Storage Compact (1922) A. meeting between states in watershed convened in Santa Fe, NM in 1922 B. Mexico was excluded C. estimates flows based on all water (15 million acre-ft) where an acre-ft = an acre in surface area, one foot deep D. lower basin areas have more people so they want more near them V. Depression & Dam-Building A. created the monstrous Boulder Dam (later Hoover Dam) B. when people saw the scale, they realized what was technically possible and it was astounding C. everyone wanted one! people even came from other countries to see it D. transform geography of energy with hydroelectric installations that make large-scale industrialization possible 1. similar to geography with salmon E. Dams were great public works projects for jobs during the Depression VI. Consequence
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