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Lecture 19

IAS 150 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: United States Department Of StatePremium

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International And Area Studies
Course Code
IAS 150

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Notes on U.S. State Department speaker
Dorothy Ngutter (diplomat in residence)
U.S. Policy in Asia (S.C.S.) focus
International law and orders where freedom of trade not mpeded
Economic collaboration main pillar
Young population
Transpacific partnership
Framework for labor standards between 12 nations
Looking to have cooperation with asian countries. Increase confidence.
U.S. Chinese relations
See china within rebalance policy
Motivation for imbalance. Main key is China.
Rebalance not focused on China
Rebalance strategy is robust engagement with China is to strengthen institutions and
improve alliances. GOes with universal rights and improving economy.
Engage with China in open way and solve issues or at least narrow differences. Or
manage the differences to prevent conflict.
Regards to south china sea
Freedom of navigation (unilateral)
Stability in region (not a claimant in area). Efforts to reduce tension.
Commerce through there is important
Fly/sail wherever they are allowed to operate
Not to be provoking
Ability to operate in s.c.s not affected by China Pino agreement. Not clear of direct
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