UGIS 112 Lecture 13: Reproductive Issues, Part II

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University of California - Berkeley
Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies
UGIS 112
Saxton Marsha

UGIS 112 April 20, 2017 Class 13 Reproduction Issues, Part II 1) Reminders a) Next week is last class of the semester i) Please turn in all outstanding papers and final reflection assignment b) Bring food to the next class for a party (not Doritos) for 35 people c) TakeHome Final due Monday, May 8 by 4pm at 258 Evans Hall, Professors box 2) Presentation: Temple Grandins Thinking in Pictures a) Depictions of people with autism i) Media depicted as socially awkward emotionless geniuses (1) Or shown as helpless, dependent, or unable to live without constant care ii) These depictions are inaccurate and ableist (1) Either glorifies or discredits them b) About the Author i) Diagnosed with brain damage at 2 years old ii) Autism wasnt well known at the time learn to talk with speech therapist iii) Educates others (1) Is a professor with two degrees in animal science (2) Talks about the different ways of thinking those on the autism spectrum have (a) They shouldnt be misunderstood schools do not know how to educate them c) Created the squeeze machine d) Lorax for the Autism community as well as consultant for livestock industry 3) Reproductive Rights: A Disability Rights Issue a) Eugenics movement i) Public policy is even influenced by this movement ii) Underlying ideology that motivates the silence and confusion around disability (1) Still a taboo (2) People with disabilities should not procreate and continue the creation of more people with disabilities (3) People with disabilities are contributing to the flawing of the human species b) They should have full inclusion of the world and not be sidelined 4) Prenatal Screening a) If you find out a child is born with a disability, should you abort or have child with the following accommodations b) Talking about this more and see what the underlying ideology is behind this c) Most people have no notions of disability when receiving these tests i) Not enough information is distributed to make informed decision about what it means to abort a child with a disability ii) Maybe do research to know that raising a child with a disability is not solely negative 5) Film (Continued): Body Soul: Diana Kathy
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