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Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

IEOR 191Lecture 182312Student ResponsibilitiesPresencePreparationPromptnessParticipationLearning ActivitiesIndividual preparation reading etcSmall group discussion optional outside of classClass discussionInstructor summary and generalization end of classPreClass Preparation reading assignmentsConsidermain points describing the environmentchallengesobjectives of the protagonistrecommend a course of actionQuestions to Considerwho is the protagonistwhat are their motivationswhat decision need to be madewhat problems opportunities or risks do I facewhat evidence do I have Is it reliablewhat is an alternative course of actionAdministrative InformationParticipation will be based on quality and quantity You must make an earnest effort not just give a summaryDo not read ahead in the casesThe midterm will be a takehome test 24 hours will be given for its completionHomework due for Tuesday 828Read case Dr Johns ProductsRead Breakthrough Entrepreneurship chapters 12Submit a current resume and the resume you imagine youll have in 510 yearsSee the syllabus for more administrative informationIEOR 191LEC 2828Reading Dr Johns ProductsThe Big Issuesrapid growthshould he partner or go it aloneentering a mature market toothbrush marketsignificant manufacturing needswhat if hes not able to meet demandis there an exit strategytiming of this ventureContextlarge growing market for electric toothbrushesparentinteraction with competitioncompetitorOral Blarge amount of venture capital availablepeople shifting toward electric toothbrushesWould you recommend someone invest in Dr Johns ProductsProsConshe has an overly qualified teamtoothbrush has long lifespan people dont buy efficient operationsthem as often as other productspotential for acquisitionhe has no brand equityrecognitionJohn has many connectionslimited barriers to entry competition may come quicklysupplier pressure from massmerchandise storesshort window of opportunityPeople InvolvedDr John Osheramazing entrepreneurship track recordlearns from his past mistakesnot actually a doctorhe knows when to get out of a projectis he a good longterm managerinvested 300k of his own money so he has some personal stake in the companygood intuition of marketunpredictableHow big is this market for electric toothbrushes and Dr Johns
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