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Integrative Biology
Leslea Hlusko

IB 35 AC Human Biological Variation 8/29/13  Lots of variation (genders, size, etc.)  Class outline: evolution, genetics, patterns of phenotypes, history, & why? o Paleontological/archaeological o Diversity and differences between populations o Skin, hair, health, physio, etc  Paper: Nov 4, 18, 26 – 100 pts  Just humans  Linnaen Classification system (1707-1778) o KPCOFGS o Ex: Animalia Chordata Mammalia Primates Hominidae Homo sapien (human) o Bushpig  Domains o Eukaryotes  Fungi, protists, plants, animals  Complex, organelles, membrane bound nucleus o Bacteria  LOTS. Minority in human body (10 bacteria : 1 human cell)  Bacteria are friends, not food  Antibiotics kill good bacteria in body  Fecal sample, take bacteria from someone in same environment and inject in butt  Single cell o Archaea  Found in extreme conditions & other places  Belly button  Single cell  Focus: Eukaryotes ~ Animalia/Metazoa o Heterotrophic (consume, not produce) o Unicellular & colonial  Porifera/sponges  Ctenophore/comb jellies  Placozoa/simple invertebrates  Cnidaria/ sea anemones, corals, jelly  BILATERIA (us!) – symmetrical  Choanoflagellida o Bilateria  Deutersomes & Protosomes
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