Class 3 - Scopes and Skeletons

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Integrative Biology
Leslea Hlusko

IB 35 AC 9/5/13  Extra credit with [email protected]  Darwin Theory review: variation, heredity, differential fitness o Different friends, same as parents, Olympics o Environment dependent  Scopes Trial (1925) o TN Butler Act - kids are less religious, enforce no teaching of evolution o ACLU – support teachers who go against that law o City of Dayton – small town looking for some action o Government gets John Scopes to teach evolution  Trial turns into controversial debate o Prosecution Williams Jennings Bryan  Advocates common man  Sec of state  Fundamentalist  Prohibitionist  Democrat o Defense Clarence Darrow  Agnostic  ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union  Just defended Leopold and Lope – killed 14 year old boy, death penalty? Life in prison!  Can’t bring special witnesses  Grill Bryan about Bible – not literal? o Judge ends it, he’s guilty!  Bryan/Fundamentalist view: o Darwin’s theory undermined morality o Never read On the Origin of Species o Might makes right? WWI o Herbert Spencer – coins Survival of the fittest with econ/sociology  Work hard and make a lot of money, have right to step on little guy  EX: Hitler, nature has a will to keep get rid of the inferior race o No comfort in Darwinism, stuff doesn’t happen for a reason, all random  Darrow view o Huxley – Darwin’s buddy, natural selection, his kid died  Combat your biology – technical growth, less judgmental  Don’t have to
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