Class 10 - Comparing Variation

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Integrative Biology
Leslea Hlusko

10/1/13  Africa subsumes all variation from around the world o can be used to see migration patterns  Interspecific (across different species) vs intraspecific (within 1 species) o Humans are 99.9% similar, 98.7 % chimp, 50% banana o Generated based on proteins (inject human antibodies), DNA hybridization (combine DNA with heat and see how hard it is to pull it apart), DNA sequence (newer technology)  Sequencing is hard:  Rearranged all over the place, different chromosomes code for different things  Coding vs noncoding  Differential mutation rates (mtDNA is faster, 10% more different than chimps)  Make charts/graphs to show interspecific variation  Phylogenetic tree - using info  Dendograms – longer branches are more genetically different/distant  Cladograms - yay  Species – primates/great apes o Orangutans, gorillas, chimps/bonobos, humans o Gorillas: mountain, west, east (polytypic), live in small groups, avoid each other, major sexual dimorphism, eat plants and insects, different adaptations to elevation (fur and limb length), silver back  How to split up? More distinct? Split up into a bunch of different species – ENDANGERED?! AHH (conservation biologists)  Gorilla gorilla beringei (Mountain Gorilla)  Gorilla gorilla gorilla (Western Lo
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