LD ARCH 110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Urban Sprawl, Land Ethic, Sustainable Design

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Published on 26 Aug 2016
LD Arch 110: Ecological Analysis
-Intro and syllabus
-semester objectives
-key terms
What is the definition of “Ecological Analysis”? What are some applications?
Student Responses:
-the study of different parts in ecosystem, biosphere
-relationship between elements, living and non-living
-integrating human instances
-in urban planning: environmental impact reports
-in architecture: resource use
Accepted Definition of Ecological Analysis
“An investigation of natural factors of landscape as they relate to decision making in landscape design
and land use planning” – Joe R. McBride
This course will be based on the principles of ecology and dedication to stewardship of the land.
Aldo Leopold and the Land Ethic
-ethics are rooted in recognizing other people as part of the same community. Leopold believes
ethics should also influence our relationship with the land around us, transforming our roles from
conquerors to members and citizens of the land community.
7 Factors to focus on: geology, climate, soil, hydrology, vegetation, fauna
We will discuss interactions between all factors on different scales (ecosystem, city, landscape, etc)
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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