MCELLBI C44 Lecture 25: Lecture 25: Infectious Diseases

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Molecular And Cell Biology
Urnov Fyodor

Lecture 25: Infectious Diseases April 25, 2017 No effect of MMR withdrawal on the incidence of autism. In Japan, they stopped administering the MMR vaccine because of a manufacturing problem for a while: no effect on autism! ( Even leaders of the movement know that they are supporting fraud. But emotions sometimes lead to irrationality Does a sustained non-vaccinated population have lower autism rates? Linnaean naming Human parasites carry disease Epidemic Typhus Causative agent of epidemic typhus – researchers died studying the bug. Spread by lice! → Charles Nicolle of the Institut Pasteur discovered this Observation: - Learned this by accident - Tunis was full of typhus patients, increasing every day - Observed that patients infected others, but clothes did too - After a hot bath and clean clothes, patients stopped being infectious - Must be a transmitting vector: lice. Experiment: - Injected chimps with blood from a patient suffering from typhus - After several days, he collected a few lice from the injected chumo, and transferred it to another cimp - After about 10 days, this other chimp developed typhus HIV Genome of the virus is RNA, so must be made back into DNA Over time, person loses amount of T cells that they had, then develop bad immune system → There are drugs that inhibit almost every stage of the cycle. HIV came from a chimp sometime around 1910. Humans are not the natural hosts of HIV-1 or HIV-2 Instead, these viruses have entered the human population as a result of cross-species (zoonotic) transmission. Likeliest way: HIV-positive primate being killed for food, someone had a cut and there was blood to blood transmission. (DNA shows the spillover was in Z
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