MCELLBI C44 Lecture 24: Lecture 24: Brain

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University of California - Berkeley
Molecular And Cell Biology
Urnov Fyodor

Lecture 24: Brain 420, 2017 Bryan Charnley and Flupenthixol Suffered from schizophrenia Tapered a medication and painted self-portraits Committed suicide Flupenthixol was a dopamine receptor antagonist Dopamine is a psychotropic neurotransmitter (ie. allows neurons to communicate) Controlling the action in the brain of a single chemical has such a giant effect on personality! Addictive drugs work by mimicking natural neurotransmitters! Synapse: where two neurons meet Neuron release neurotransmitter (ex. dopamine). Receiving neuron has a protein that recepts this neurotransmitter. Qualia: “the way things seem to us” (the subjective experience of the redness of red) Sentience: self-awareness There is no Cartesian theatre! (ie. someone in your head) → but we don’t know how/where self-awareness comes from Artificial intelligence people and neuroscientists look at the head and tail, but not the whole elephant. Hard to study sentience because it’s not the same in monkeys or crows! The Visual System and LSD The world we perceive is not the world that is. It’s what we see in the brain. 1) Acquire the signal - Light comes into the eye - Signal is transmitted to optical nerve 2) Transmit the signal 3) Process the signal - visual cortex 4) Interpret what the signal means (like facial recognition) - done outside of the visual cortex Eyes-closed LSD MRI scans shows that the visual cortex activates. LSD is an agonist: a chemical that turns on a protein (Antagonist: turns off a protein) Permuting/affecting neurotransmission in the primary visual cortex Conclusion: you look with your eyes, but
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