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Lecture 4

PHILOS 125 Lecture 4: Parfit 3

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1 Ryan Light nd Friday 2 September, 2016 Metaphysics 4 Fine-tuning seems surprising and calls out for explanation. An analogy in favor of ▯ne-tuning. Suppose you had a machine that takes raw materials as input and outputs some other processed product. Imagine this machine has di▯erent settings (there are three or four dials on it) Each dial has a million possible settings. What settings we establish a▯ects how the machine works. It so happens that one particular setting yields a very interesting output (mud ! concious human beings/iphones). If we change the setting even a little bit, although it still processes the material, it outputs something boring. Is it just a coincidence that the settings yield an interesting output, or just a matter of chance? Proponents of ▯ne-tuning think that this is what is going on with our universe. We can ask (1) is it really true that some explanation is needed? What is the space of possible explanation? Is life surprising? The anthropic answer: if the conditions had not been right for life, we would not be around to ask the question. Possible explanations of life 1. The God hypothesis [god exists and chose to create a world withinitial conditions that would lead to life existing] 2. The Many Worlds Hypothesis [Our world is one of many di▯erent worlds that are equally as much a part of reali
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