PHYS ED 32 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Radial Artery, Vo2 Max, Human Body Weight

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24 Oct 2013
Lecture 3: Exercise Prescription for Fitness
develop + CR endurance program
increase VO2 max
maintain ideal body weight
FITTE Principle
Type of activity
3-5 days per week
e.g. ~ 40 min jog for 20 weeks, VO2 max % increased, but injury % also
o over 5 days of exercise a week can lead to injury
50-85% of Heart Rate Reserve (HRR)
Somewhat Hard to Hard effort (RPE)
Monitor your heart rate at neck (carotid artery) or wrist (radial artery)
e.g. Unfit vs. Fit: unfit takes longer to return to resting heart rate
Target HR: (max HR rest HR) * %intensity + Rest HR
20 to 60 mins of continuous activity (duration is dependent upon intensity)
Type of Activity
Continuous rhythmic activity involving large muscle groups
Weight-bearing exercises (walk, job, climb stairs)
Non-weight bearing exercises (cycle, swim, row)
Over 60% are not exercising at the recommended level. About 25% are
completely sedentary
50% of those who begin an exercise program drop out within the first 6 months
To insure success
o Set goals
o Choose an appropriate time/location
o Vary your activities
o Find an exercise buddy
o Track your progress
o Reward yourself
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