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Political Science

I Introduction o Peacemakers in 1919 faced a challenge in many ways much more difficult than those of the Congress of Vienna set up the Concert of Europeo WWI had completely devastated Europe first total war of industrialized society 3 of the great powers faced internal revolt BritishFrench were in better shape but very weak o US entry into war turned the tables in favor of the Allieso US was led by Wilson who thought the war was supposed to end power politics Fought to do away with an older used to call balance of power order and establish a new oneII Interwar Years A Wilson and Collective Security o Wilson idealist described a plan for the postWWI world in his famous 14 points envisioned a community of nations built around the concept of Collective Securityo Collective Security threat to use force against one was a threat against all All should combine to put down any potential aggressor League of Nations was to be the institutional manifestation of collective security o WWI ends countries in Europe are devastated o US envisions the world to be very different from what it is Wilsons vision of what they the world should look like was not equally shared by European statesmensounded nonsensicalo Europe was split by political passions political hatred and racism that was at a peak WWI began to take on a quasireligious character if you look at racist draft posters of Germans and Russiansnot a lot of sentiment for reconciliation with enemies for collective security for it required states to put their differences aside to come together for security B Europe and the 3 Rs retribution retaliation and revenge Some historians say that European nations had an intense desire for the 3Rs due to domestic political differences o Desire for retribution was combined in an uncomfortable way with the idea that only a new balance of power could maintain peace in Europe felt they needed to go back to the balance of power o WHY UNCOMFORTABLEhard to put balance of power together with revenge because balance of power deals with dont eliminate your enemies because might need them in the future dont create lots of little weak states because theyre going to be vulnerable targets to fight over dont create artificially weak states that will be dissatisfied and want to challenge the system what is actually needed in a balance of power system are these relatively equal powers Ex So after the Napoleonic Wars France is brought back into the poleC Treaty of Versailles ended WWI o Broke all of the rules of balance of power politics in the spirit of retribution losers of the war X get the chance to express their views at the Paris Peace Conference X Congress of Vienna that set up the Concert of EuropeFrance was invited to joino degenerated into practed conflict between Wilson and his former allies about what to do with the defeated states
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