RHETOR 103B Lecture 24: R103B Lecture 23 04.18.2017

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University of California - Berkeley
Esmeir Samera

Rhetoric 103B Lecture 23 -- 4/18/2017 WE HAVE NEVER BEEN MODERN Bruno Latour Perspective 1 - science is objective Perspective 2 - science is politically, culturally, socially motivated Latour - needs to undo separation between nature and society, human and nonhuman, material and ideal Hawking becomes a famous man because he is mediated and assisted by machines and his assistances in an extreme way, with extended extremities (not just unified center) BUT each of us have extensions as well! - Ex. Professor Esmeir (GSIs, iPad, projector etc.) Helene Mialet was Latour’s student Latour wants to understand science, politics, medicine etc. as interrelated and equal in level STS Science and Technological Studies: hybrid field of scientists and philosophers who study hybrid things that the intellectual culture does not know how to categorize/ trace socio-technological networks and weave “together the heavens, industry, texts, souls, and moral law” - Methods - translation and networks - Can see society at once real and narratized - “The ozone is too social...meaning effects.” (6) - “The networks are… and collective, like society” (6) Latour gets rid of constructivism and turns to realization To be modern - 2 levels “the hypothesis” (1) Purification (2) translation/ hybrid production - Purification has consequences (simplifying work) The more we separate, the more hybrids we create - We do not recognise hybrids only separate them (the more hybrids there are, the more we want to separate) Latour: must attend to the proliferation of hybridizing and its power What is to be done? “We are going to have to slow down, regulate the proliferation of monsters by representing existence officially” - Only then we can think of role of technology in democracy Constitution - Defines human and nonhuman, their properties and relations, abilities and groupings (15) Steven Shapir and Simon Shaffer - On Hobbes (political philosopher) and Boyle (scientist) - How did the experimental procedure that B used become our means for scientific facts? - Boyle created the air pump to test pressure - Ex. put bird into air pump to see what happens - Brought people to witness (from scientific community) - Rely not on logic/ soc
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