RHETOR 103B Lecture 23: R103B Lecture 24 04.25.2017

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Esmeir Samera

Rhetoric 103B Lecture 24 -- 4/25/2017 Reading Hawking’s Presence: An interview with A Self Effacing Man - Movie show H as more human vs. Mialet show a compounded, mediation Hawking STS Perspective further destabilized individuals > unified subject Distributed and Extended Body (572) “one ponders the functioning of the genius mind … unable to think” - Keywords for STS: delegation, multiplication, redistribution - (573) “all scientists are in some sense handicapped” - Work of the other makes Hawking stable and allows him to emerge a genius - this work is invisible, while people think of Hawking’s work as pure thought - Subject/ object distinction: Hawking is object of care but also a subject who commands Hawking’s 3 bodies (1) Natural - flesh and body (2) Extended - machines and assistants (3) Sacred - the genius - representation of lucasian chair of mathematics which never dies - These combine to form a collectivized body (256) Where is his body? (286) - His body is a machine that cannot fix itself Hawking/ computer vs. flesh/ blood - computer is center of network (596) Production of the genius I via the extended body: “Thus sleeping like… but also a self effacing man” Transcript not reflects the full intervention (relate to Marx - ideal and material) FASCISM - How to relate to fascism? How relate fascism to lives? - Many things are called fascist - Etymology “fasces” (n): bundle of rods containing an ace with the blade projecting - Often see fascism as negative, inclination to label the other as fascent > need to do circumvention - Why Arendt claim definition of fascism have excluded us “Why then, cannot we have.. Level of a swearword” Hannah Arendt: Origin of Totalitarianism (1951) - Critique of historicist
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