RHETOR 151 Lecture 20: R151 Lecture 20 04.13.2017

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Aaron Michael Wintroub

Rhetoric 151 Lecture 20 -- 4/13/2017 Hobbes - America and the saves represented the state of nature he characterized as “nasty brutish and short” - “War of all against all” - derived from his reading of the Roman playwright who said “what is a man if not a wolf when he does not know what he is?” - “The ontological confusion of not knowing who or what one is describes well the social and religious unmooring of traditional notions of place, order and hierarchy in early modern Europe” New World - As a religious refuge against old world persecution - Before the pilgram and quakes there were the french protestants (followers of Lutheran) who were looking for freedom - Went to Florida - Florida was ell positioned as a launching point for royally sponsored privateers and thought to be close to the Pacific/ Asia - ** privateers are different from pirate - privateers are sponsored by a government eo launch an attack against other governments Jean Ribault de Dieppe’s expedition - Trade with the natives - Built fort named Charlesfort - There is an explosion of religious war - problem for Ribault is that he is in the religious minority (majority is Catholics) - Ribault thus decides to go back to England where the majority are protestants - He escapes to London and imprisoned as a spy - Men back in Charlesfort are starving and the French refuse to give them food - Laudonniere fills 3 colonies with 3 ships and build Fort Caroline (1564) - Men who volunteered have different motives (gold and wealth, advance knowledge, warlike spirit) and from different walks of life (nobles - note there are different degradations of nobility, artisans, tradesmen, sailors) Laudonniere’s pride and self-regard - Laudonniere was very proud of his status of nobility and was disliked by all and thought of as an idiot - Clothes were considered to make the man - L wanted to set himself apart from the others - Had a good impression of himself - angered from being placed under the command of Ribault, thinks Ribault (from a por and sea-faring family and who works) is below him - While L wanted to make himself a New World king, R encouraged men to transgress their given social standing t
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