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Lecture 25

RHETOR 20 Lecture 25: R20 Lecture 25 04.20.2017

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Esmeir Samera

Rhetoric 20 Lecture 25 4202016 Last time Iconic sign This sign Ethics of photography (sontag) Studium (Camera Lucida) Punctum (Camera Lucida) The thathasbeen (Camera Lucida) Idea of art and abstraction art distances through abstraction This is potentially problematic for Sontag But there is a positive ethical value in artwork by providing a space of reflection, paradoxically of inaction The eyes of Gutete Emerita alfredo jaar Jarr wants us to reflect on the experience of the war First thing exposed to is the text ends with i remember her eyes Eyes come onto the screen in a flash and then disappears An attempt to engineer affect manipulating photography so there is a novel, different way of seeing them Even when photographers do this they manipulate the presentation of the images for the benefit of the viewer Museums has become a site for photographers who are ethical to find and produce new value But museum is another shopping mall And journalism which can be a good site of ethics has become inundated with fake news, clickbait etc Poses question to us as viewers: where to go to get ethics of seeing 3rd of the 4 forms of power Sontag introduced in Platos Cave ^ (1) organization of kinship ties (2) conquest of space touristic and imperialist Surveillance photography imperializes space (23) Sontag: for reality, photography must always hide more than it describes BARTHES
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