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Lecture 25

RHETOR 20 Lecture 25: Apr20

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Michael Masuch

Rhetoric 20 Notes 4-20-17 • Sontag • Part 1: Social Norms • Part 2: Making the world comfortable • Imperialistic and Tourism • Imperialism - Surveillance photos, aerial photos - provide security • Part 3: Ethical Photography • Energy of a photograph that can be recharged. Time aestheticizes photos, loses power. Hence post-photography • Museums anesthetize images - it’s like a shopping mall instead. About consumption • Trying to find new way to present world in a way that has to do with ethics - provokes ethical thought • Part 4: Provides Information • Can name things • Can assign significance - Barthes • Sontag says photos on their own can’t explain anything - needs a narrative/ verbal or inter- and extra-textual information • Inform but don’t completely inform • “Must” hide more than it describes • Can’t show as much as it wants to say • Image is partial, subjective • Barthes • What is the essence of a photograph - distinguishes it from a painting • Trying to see photograph as if it “fell from the sky” like Sekula • Referent - object shown, not the photograph • Seeing the “beloved object” - looking past the picture • Don’t start at the level of code, go to sense of embodiment/how you react to a photo • “What is my body doing instead of my brain?” • Posing • Type of death • Always need to have an expression • Makes into a total image, frozen in time, objectified • Private life resides in not being an image • Looking for source of charge behind photos • Manages affect (feeling, sensation, emotion) - pathos • pathos/seeing ->noticing ->
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