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Lecture 13

RHETOR 109 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Fatalism, Toy Dog, Purgatory

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Rebecca Gaydos

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Rhetoric 109
Lecture 12 10/11/2016
Endgame by Samuel Beckett
- Clov and (amm’s relationship
o Repetitive bickering
o There might be something between us
o Hamm tells something of man giving away a child implies that Clov is that
o Clov is mobile and Hamm is blind and needs help moving around
o )’ll give you nothing more to eat (amm 
o Trapped Why do you keep me – there’s no one else – there’s nowhere else
o (amm: )t was ) was a father to you – paternal figure, father figure (46)
Gives advice and wisdom (44)
Clov here is saying that (amm’s question asking if Clov remembers
his father is repetitive, Hamm treats it as a classical philosophical
questions tendency to treat someone that is redundant as
philosophically significant
o Clov seems like a caretaker, servant
- Why does Beckett represent a relationship that cannot be defined?
- Hamm and his parents
o Keeps his parents in trashcans
o (amm asks his father why he had him, father responds that he didn’t know it
would be Hamm (57)
o Respect to parents? Notion of inheritance? Perhaps not read about them as
positive and necessary thing
Post World War, Nazi criticized the notion of inheritance
- Theme of imprisonment- not so much in disability than in the power dynamic of the
- Flea
o If you don’t kill the flea, then it will start humanity all over again fatalism:
better for humanity to end
- Rat
o The fact that it is half dead and in the room with the characters all of them
are half dead, stuck in purgatory (?)
- Toy dog, window
- Parents live in trash cans
- Story of the madmen (52)
o Madmen said he sees ashes vs. Hamm sees corn field and fleets
o Perhaps Hamm could be wrong
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