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Lecture 16

RHETOR 109 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Jackson Pollock, Outsider Art, Postmodernism

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Rebecca Gaydos

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Rhetoric 109
Lecture 16 10/20/2016
Outsider Art
- Used around WWII to name what art is appropriate for the state and what not
- Can be problematic
- Amateur art
- Du Buffet: interested in art in mental asylums and would take objects (stuff that they
were not encouraged actively to make), named raw art
- Why would professional artists be interested in works made by people with little
knowledge or expertise
Du Buffet’s foreword
- Argues that outsider art should be valued
- Postmodern theory: art is art if it is intended by art so paintings like Mona Lisa
are not considered art from this perspective
- Does art need to critically detach itself from the culture and politics
- Argument: art that doesn’t know it’s art
- Assume that this kind of art is made for the maker’s own delight as opposed to
making art for applause or profit
- But since he is taking specific physical objects, he is using a classification system to
determine what is art (so not everything is art)
- Value of spontaneity?
Jackson Pollack
- Interesting materiality
- Embedded a lot of objects in the paintings: paintbrush, glass
- Process: play jazz and splatter paint on the canvas
- Layers: black and tan paint, followed by the white, red, blue and yellow organized
- Position of the painter to the work we rarely think about the physical positioning
of the creator, reconfigure relationship to the art
- 1 way of reading P
o Break with the notion of art to reproduce the world
o Pollack makes us just look at the materiality of the art
- Other way
o Perceive things in the real world: conflict, culmination of artist being in the
Reading on Pollack
- Writes at the end of 1950s, forecast the way of art in the 60s
- Written a few years after Pollack passed away
- Lack of composition
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