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Lecture 23

RHETOR 109 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Premarital Sex, Orgasm, Audio Description

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Rebecca Gaydos

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Rhetoric 109
Lecture 23 12/1/2016
Finish The Sessions the movie
Georgina Kleege
- Don’t like audio description
- Thinks its vague, not enough details
- But hopeful about prospects of multiple audio description
- BUT also limitations of film need to fit description between dialogue and music
Sins Performance
- Intersection between sexuality and disability
- How eroticism and agency interacts
Discuss the Sessions
- Mark is presented as hypermasculine
- Mark is real life was queer what would it look like to portray queer premarital sex
- Religion: Mark asks and the priest sanctions premarital sex (a cardinal sin in
Catholic culture)
o Why not go all the way and present queerness?
o BUT, there is a counternarrative here: Mark’s virgin status is much due to his
fear of God and his parents religion had prevented him from getting laid
- Film is made many years after Mark passes away
- Film seems to depart from Mark’s own work and description
o Romanticizes him: all three women loved me
o Exaggerates effect of the sex therapy on Mark, in real life Mark seemed to
write that the therapy did very little for him
o Objectifies women? Mark in film writes Cheryl a poem
o BUT Mark is shown as very charismatic, good with communication with
o Mark cross-dressed in his iron lungs how would it look like for that to be
o How would it be different if the main character was female instead of male?
- How women is portrayed
o Amanda and Cheryl are flabbergasted with their partner’s association with
Mark hypersexualizes their partners
o Male genitalia never shown in the film, while there is full female nudity
o Cheryl seems to be attached to Mark reflects reality? A very Hollywood
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