SOCIOL 135 Lecture 24: Dec. 1, 2014 - Bodies and Authentic Identity

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Jill A.Bakehorn

BODIES AND AUTHENTIC IDENTITY Claims to authenticity are moral claims o What is considered good or appropriate o Not objective subjective o Not valuefree o Other forms are then inauthentic Personification of that authentic identity through bodies = problematic? o Expect people to look a certain way to signal a rhetoric of authenticity Often presented this way, authenticity is not inherent in a person, object, or performance its a socially constructed fiction Constantly changes and evolves based on social, political context All performances of authenticity are performances; authenticity must be accomplished takes work o The accomplishment of authenticity how is authenticity fabricated or manufactured in a particular context? o Idea of real pleasure? Women are having real orgasms in these films one of the motivating features in these films (does not always occur in films, like in real life) o How do you know if its real as a viewer? o Issue of how authenticity conveys to the audience (that the performance is real) o Do you make certain sounds; do certain things with your body to try capture it? Performativity to orgasm Needs to be performative, but not too performative if it looks too performative then it starts to look fake, overdone, inauthentic Jill Bakehorns study: Sex education film featuring couples of all varieties and gender makeups Sex therapist on set One thing noticed mainstream porn thinks people certain things about sex (not good) The idea that women orgasm easily, doesnt take much effort, and people should be very loud and vocal during orgasms portrayed and taught by porn
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