SOCIOL 135 Lecture 13: Oct. 8, 2014 - Sexual Identity and Place

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Jill A.Bakehorn

SEXUAL IDENTITY AND PLACE Wednesday October 8, 2014 The closet era (Prior to WWII): Concealment Isolation Feelings of shame and fear Coming out era (Post WWII): Openness Visibility Centering friendships around other gay people Bars started to pop up to cater to booming number of gays and lesbians Bars became political and social hub Cemented by the police way in Greenwich (1969) Stonewall encouraged gays and lesbians to move to big cities Sentiment developed that gay people were culturally different from straight people Not just a matter of sexual orientation but very different cultures involved Gayborhoods flourished post Stonewall What makes a neighborhood a gayborhood? Gayowned businesses Certain cultural markers that denote this is a distinguished space Nonprofit, social services Distinct geographic elementfocalpoint to it Unique culture symbols of rainbow flags, pride parades Concentration of residences that include gay couples Cluster of commercial spaces gayowned and gayfriendly businesses Contributed to citys renewal Gayborhoods represent a place of freedom authenticity of who they are What are the benefits a gayborhood provides? A safe space Way to meet other people who are gay
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