SOCIOL 135 Lecture 4: Sept. 17, 2014 - Constructing Homosexual and Heterosexual

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Jill A.Bakehorn

CONSTRUCTING THE HOMOSEXUAL AND THE HETEROSEXUAL Wednesday, September 17 1. Emergence and Construction of Homosexuality 2. Constructing a Heterosexual Identity Jeffery Weeks: When it comes to homosexuality, not only have attitudes varied, so have social and subjective meanings Physical acts might be similar, but their social implications are often profoundly different (42) Kenneth Plummer: Samesex desires may be innate, but people must learn that these desires mean they are homosexual through societal, historical, and cultural contexts Feeling desire is not the same thing as assuming a social identity We need to be careful with separating out feelingdesires and sexual identity CONGRUENCE Sex determines gender identity and gender then determines sexual identity Sex Gender Sexuality Assumed norm: Female Woman Attracted to men But sex and gender do not automatically determine sexuality Sexual feelings, behavior, and identity are not always congruent Desires should match sexuality, and should match sexual behavior But, Im a Cheerleader 1999 Director: Jamie Babbit Direction hard to make cuts to the film to avoid an NC17 rating Parents, friends, and boyfriends staging an intervention for main character because they think she is gay How does this film demonstrate the issue of congruence and the social construction of sexual identity and heterogenders? She couldnt possibly be gay because she was a cheerleader hyperfemininity
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