SOCIOL 135 Lecture 12: Oct. 15, 2014 - Creating Sexual Cultures for Youth

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University of California - Berkeley
Jill A.Bakehorn

CREATING SEXUAL CULTURES FOR YOUTH Wednesday Oct. 15, 2014 Fathers Talk about Their Teen Childrens Sexuality Solebello and Elliot Fathers and The Reinforcement of Heterosexuality Construct own identities as masculine and heterosexual Prefer children, especially sons, to be heterosexual Heterosexuality as right form of sexuality Reproduce gendered heternormativity Heterogenders Ingraham Most were occasionally and in very particular moments, raised issues of sexuality A lot of them felt like they needed to intervene in certain times Most father talk about sexual orientation with their sons Studies show that parents actively strive (work to actively) shape their childrens gender and sexual identities Parents treat their sons and daughters differently o Stress autonomy for boys, emotionality for girls o Ways the rooms are painted o Toys that children play with Fathers in particular treat boys and girls differently o Mothers more likely to have an egalitarian orientation to it o More likely to enforce gender norms too o When they see their children deviating (most often sons), they intervene The Gender Trap: Parents and the Pitfalls of Raising Boys and Girls Emily Kane Parents celebrate gender nonconformity in daughters (both mothers and fathers) o Encourage them to play sports, wear sports apparel o Buy them boy toys o Some make an effort to aspire their daughters to traditionally maledominant careers o Saw daughters who take on masculine characteristicstraits as positive by both parents o Daughters would benefit from taking on masculine traits o Most of them did not steer their daughters to a traditionally femininity More complicated for sons Many parents wanted to broaden the gender expressions for children
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