SOCIOL 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Blind Experiment, Convenience Sampling

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9 Feb 2017

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Soc 1 Discussion 2-9
-->in society, believed that mothers are less committed and more dependent and more irrational and
emotional in work force
-->assumed that because kids require much attention, you will lose energy for the job
-->in contrast, it's actually an asset to be a father in the job market
-->in particular the economist argued this point in many respects
-->more productive men marry at greater rates, men become more productive after marriage,
and thus employers prefer married men
-->this is a THEORY
--Status Characteristic Theory
-->according to this theory, actors implicitly expect more competent task performances from
those with the more valued state of a characteristic (men, managers) compared to with those with the
less valued state (women, non-managers)
--What types of questions usually associated with experiments?
-->isolates main x variable and controls other variables
-->correlation-->is it actually causation?
--> past studies have shown motherhood to be penalized
-->outcome variables:
-->perceived competence, callback, results, pay grade
-->how do you know if it is motherhood or not?
-->this style of experiment allows researchers to just identify the main x variables
-->no identification, switching resumes between mother and non-mother
Comparison to other form of experiment
-->Audit Experiment
-->pro: world setting, matching (human testers), isolates main independent variable
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find more resources at
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