VIETNMS 1A Lecture 9: Viet 1B HW 4_18

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University of California - Berkeley
Tran Hanh

Vanessa Tsan 41917 Viet 1B HW viet hw: write qs and answers for each of the statements about Berkeley 1. i Berkeley bng g tt nht? Cch tt nht n Berkeley l g? a. i bng xe bart tt nht v v gn bn chm bay mi lm ng v mt khong ba mi pht. 2. Khch sn tt nht Berkeley l g? a. Khch sn Berkeley City Club l tt nht Berkeley. Khch sn gn trng ai hc UC Berkeley, bao wifi min ph v n sng min ph. Gi phng l hai mi trm la. Ch hy mc nhng c nhiu dch v. 3. Nh h ng tt nht Berkeley u? a. Ph K K l nh h ng tt nht v nhiu ngi thy ph c bit ca nh h ng ngn. Bn phi n th mn Ph ap cho. Chi ph t mi n mi hai la. Nh h ng m t chn gi ti sng n mi mt gi ti mi ng y trong tun. 4. Bn c bit qu tt nht mua h ng sinh vin l g khng? a. Bn nn mua mt l h ng sinh vin! L r lm, khong by la. Khi c bn h ng, xung gi c hai mi phn trm. 5. Gi tt nht thm Campanile l g? a. Th su tun nay. Khng c ma, khng c s kin. 6. Ti c th l m g tt nht khi Berkeley?
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