CHEM 1000 Lecture 1: Chemistry Basics Sections 1.1-1.4

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16 Nov 2017
Chemistry 1000: Dr. Sacui
Lecture 1: Sections 1.1-1.4
Chemistry Basics
Science- the study of nature and the physical world around us.
Technology can come before science. Tech- Fire for cooking Science- Understanding how something
Chemistry- the study of matter and its changes
Knowledge of Chemistry helps understand many facets of modern life
Scientific Method!!
Testable Hypothesis- Come up with a theory that you can test or run an experiment
Reproducible- If someone else preforms the same experiment they should get the same results
Cyclical & on Going- Can change theory based upon your results or design new experiment to
prove theory
Variables- Something that can change over the course of an experiment
Known variables- Aware of & understand Known unknowns- Aware but don’t understand
Unknown knowns- Understand but not aware Unknown variables- Neither aware/understand
Scientific Theory- Set of tested hypotheses that explain natural phenomena
Scientific Law- Summarize large amounts of scientific data and provide descriptions of natural
phenomena (Law of Conservation of Mass/Matter, Law of Gravity)
Scientific Models- Tangible items or pictures used to represent invisible processes
Risks & Benefits of Science and Technology
Risk- benefit analysis involves an estimation called the desirability quotient (DQ)
DQ= (Benefits) / (Risks)
Green Chemistry- Uses materials and processes that are intended to prevent or reduce pollution at its
Sustainable Chemistry- Designed to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising
the needs of future generations
Applied Research- Study a specific problem in industry or the environment
Basic Research- Search for knowledge for its own sake
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