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Cognitive Theories -focus on how children adjust their understanding as they explore the world
Best known Theorists
-jean Piaget
(mental schemes(images in the mind that relate to something), assimilation(similarly),
accommodation(mental image)+ stages of development- sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete
operational, formal operational)
-lev vygotsky
(Children thinking is influenced by language and culture.)
(Language is a powerful tool that we use when thinking)
(Children take the social speech spoken by people around them and turn them into their own
Private speech -repeating to themselves (saying things quietly before memorizing them) once
we learn private speech its called internalization
Social speech- speech we hear that other people are talking
Information processing- approach focusing on how children perceive information
-also focuses on how they solve problems and communicate with others. (How computer works)
Biological Theories
A theory that examines the adaptive significance or survival value of behaviors
Best know theorists: Charles dawn (1809-1882) survival of the fittest
Konrad Lorenz(1903-1989). imprinting
Contextual and Systems Theories
Ecological systems theory
Focuses on complex set of systems and interacting social layers that can affect
children development
Urie Bronferbrenner (1917-2005)
Dynamic systems theory
Uses models from mathematics and physics to understand complex systems of
Research in child development
Scientific method
Data gathered through observations(also through other means) ex.
Hypotheses formed and tested
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