PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Syphilis

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15 Nov 2017
Ethics in Research
Syphilis- relationship between mind and body
Went to a rural area with 399 men that had syphilis, but no one told them
Never told that antibiotics were available, and never told they were in a study for
years. 28 people died, 100 died from syphilis related causes, 48 women who contracted
it, and many kids that were born with it (huge ethical errors)
1) Why is ethics soooooo critical?
a. Psychology gets into personal/sensitive areas of a person’s life
b. Experimental can involve manipulation and deception
2) IRB (Institution Review Board)
a. Peer review before the research goes into play (Must have approval
before the research can begin)
i. Members of different Disciplines to consider the topic from all
angles proactively search for possible errors, or flaws
1. Might provide needed implements before resubmitting
ii. Looking for a lack of balance
1. Uneasy of participants & Possible findings
3) Informed Consent
a. Must be a willing participant- be upfront and having their prior consent
before hand. All cards on the table
i. Purpose, Expected duration, & Procedures
ii. They can decline participation, or they can withdraw participation at
any time during the process
1. Foreseeable consequences of decline or withdraw
iii. Reasonably foreseeable factors that may influence choice to
1. Potential risks, discomforts, and adverse effects
iv. Potential Benefits
vi. Incentive for participation (must be offered across the board)
vii. All contact info in case of questions
4) Protection from Harm: Must take reasonably steps to protect participants from
any kind of intentional or foreseeable harm
5) Deception & Debriefing: If participants must be deceived, inform them ASAP
a. Cannot deceive about procedures that cause physical pain or emotional
b. Must offer debriefing about true purpose and circumstances of study
6) Protects not only the participants, but the researcher as well. (lawsuit, etc.)
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find more resources at
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