PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Subjective Constancy, Gestalt Psychology, Motion Perception

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15 Nov 2017
Perception- Interpretation of the information the brain receives
What is in your sensory field at this moment, a minute ago, and what is
remembered from the past
Processing: 3 types
Bottom-up (sensation) Sensory info that’s assembled and integrated. What else
do I see? (can hear a new language, but not understand it)
Starts in association cortex and goes to the back to
Top-down (perception) Models, ideas, and expectations to interpret sensory data
into meaning. Is it something I’ve seen before? (Making sense of something)
Parallel- Attending to multiple sense modalities simultaneously (Color, motion,
form, depth)
Perceptual Hypotheses-
Economize sensory processing to make [highly] educated guesses
Use top-down processing to hypothesize about meaning of sensory input
Perceptual Sets- Experiences setting one up to interpret ambiguous stimuli in a certain
Context effect- Use of present sensory information to determine meaning of ambiguous
Priming- Setting up for a specific answer or a misconception
Perceptual Constancy- Process by which stimuli are consistently perceived across
various conditions (Lighting, angles, distances)
Perceptual Organization- incoming bits of sensory data need to be arranged into
meaningful wholes
Subjective contours- brain’s tendency to provide missing information regarding
Gestalt Principles (Wetheimer, Kohler, & koffka)- Group together things that are
close together
*****Proximity, similarity, continuity, closure, symmetry, figure-ground*****
Depth Perception- Ability to see spatial relations in 3-D
Monocular Depth Cues- rely on one eye (relative size, interposition [one thing
blocking the view of another, tells us what is close], linear perspective, relative height,
light & shadows)
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