PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Classical Conditioning, Neural Adaptation, Operant Conditioning

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15 Nov 2017
Why do we care? Given that the goals of therapy is to help the client make changes, it
helps to understand how clients can change
Learning-Relatively stable change in behavior or thinking as a result of experience over
Habituation (most simplistic type of learning)- Weaker response to repeated
stimuli over time (remember sensory adaptation) [Sea Slug]
Classical Conditioning- Learning to link 2 stimuli in a way that helps us
anticipate an event to which we have a reaction (Has to do with what happens before
you have an involuntary response)
Operant Conditioning- Changing behavior choices in response to
consequences to experienced (Has to do with what happens after some voluntary
Cognitive Learning- Acquiring new behaviors through observation and
information, rather than by direct experience
Classical Conditioning- Stimulus develops capacity to create a response that was
originally brought on by some other stimulus
New stimulus now has ability to bring on predictable response that it normally did
not cause
Ivan Pavlov & his Dogs- Physiologist studying role of saliva in digestive
processing in dogs
Fed the dogs meat powder in order to measure saliva produced (Saliva is
a neutral stimuli)
Discovered- that the dogs would salivate in response to the meat powder,
but other things did it too (equal even at times).
Why when the food is not there?
Before the learning there was a neutral stimulus- does not produce a
Unconditioned Stimulus and Response- A stimulus which triggers a
response naturally before/without any conditioning
During Conditioning- The bell/tone (NS) is repeatedly presented with the
food (US). {NS+US=UR} After repeating the NS becomes a Conditioned Stimulus!
NEUTRAL to Conditions UNCONDITIONS to Conditioned
find more resources at
find more resources at
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